Make Reading Irresistible

Did you know there are a couple of things you can do simply to make reading irresistible?

Make Reading Irresistible

You've probably noticed that some kids are born readers. Given a spare moment, you'll find them curled up with a book, enthralled in what they are reading.

Others, however, are not born readers. Their interest in reading needs to be nurtured. There are three simple things that you can do that will make reading irresistible for all children.

No. 1: Provide Books

Okay, that may sound simple but unless your child has access to plenty of books which they are interested in, there's little chance they'll sit down and read. The key is to access books that capture your child's attention, grab their imagination, foster their interest.

By the way, this can be done for FREE if you join your local library. There is no need to take out a second mortgage on your home in order to purchase a vast number of books. More than likely, there are more books than you'll ever need in the library!

No. 2: Provide Space

Again, this can be done for little cost. Soft cushions along with a mattress in the corner can make a very comfy spot to read.
A simple reading nook
If you drape a sheet over the top, you'll have a cubby which children are automatically drawn to.
Hammocks are great for reading in!
Lately, one of our favourite spots to read is in the hammock under the tree outside.

By creating a spot that says, "Come in and have fun", you'll child will begin to see reading as an enjoyable activity especially if they can retreat to this space whenever they feel like it.

By the way, if you're after more information about creating an irresistible reading nook, click here.

No. 3: Provide Time

One of the most important things you can do is make time for you to crawl into the 'space' you've created, with your child, and read the books you've gathered. In this way, reading becomes a joint activity ... a fun experience ... something to treasure and look forward to.

So how do I know these principles work? Because I have two boys, neither whom gravitate to books naturally. However, because our home has a rich supply of books (thanks to our local library!!!), a comfy spot to read (hooray for the mattress and cushions and a corner in the living room), I find our boys more regularly voluntarily plopping themselves in the reading nook and enjoying a book. This always makes me smile.

What do you do to make reading irresistible in your home? We'd love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our Facebook page.

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