Make Your Our Own Boris the Spider

... Out of Recycled Materials

Making Spiders 1
This learning activity has been based on the story Boris the Spider.

The story Boris the Spider fits in perfectly with the new focus of minibeasts (all small creeping, crawling animals) which we are currently working on.

Minibeasts is a topic that has been eagerly embraced by the boys - especially our youngest who can't go for a walk anywhere without stopping numerous times to check out any creeping thing he encounters. :o)

As part of our minibeasts project, we endeavoured to make spiders out of recycled materials. In this case, we used parts of egg cartons along with string and black cardboard.

Making Spiders 2
A short branch, retrieved from the garden, made a perfect place to create our own spider's web. This involved some problem solving as it was difficult to wrap long pieces of wool around the different parts of the branch.

However, the problem was solved by first wrapping the wool around a small piece of cardboard which acted as a bobbin. The cardboard spool could then easily be worked through the branches and the wool unwound and placed where it was needed.

Creating a spider's web was a great activity for strengthening eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

Making Spiders 3
One of the things I love about working with children is that they come up with great ideas all by themselves. As I was searching through the cupboard, I came across some cotton wool balls.

Daniel worked out he could unroll these (something I didn't know you could do!). He then wrapped the cotton wool around a piece of egg carton and created a spider's egg sac. Way to go Daniel.

Making Spiders 4
We now have a web display in our kitchen which is fully equipped with spiders, an egg sac and a fluffy caterpillar (who apparently wanted to join in the fun!). Good job, boys.

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