Make A Pinwheel Garden

Make a Pinwheel GardenPinwheels are easy to make. Have a look at ...Make Your Own Pinwheels

The best thing about these pinwheels is that they actually work - especially when there's a good breeze.

Once we'd made one pinwheel, we took it outside where David promptly planted the pinwheel in the grass.

Make a Pinwheel Garden

This got us thinking.

Imagine how great it would be to have a whole pile of these in the front garden - all moving in tune with the wind. It would be a garden of movement and colour.

I couldn't resist and had to try adding a few more pinwheels. So back inside we went and created a couple more pinwheels in order to make a pinwheel garden.

Make a Pinwheel Garden

We all enjoyed watching the pinwheels rotate.

Unfortunately, the weather on the day was prone to showers so the paper pinwheels couldn't be left in the garden.

Pinwheels are a great way to demonstrate the power of the wind.

While the wind can't be seen, the effects of it can be. So we had fun working with science today while at the same time made a pinwheel garden.

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