Magic Words

Magic Words

Magic Words

What are Magic Words?

Magic Words is a term we coined to label words which contain other words within them. The term seems to grab children's imagination as they enjoy looking for words which contain hidden surprises (e.g. other words).

For example:

  • the word cat contains the word at
  • the word again contains the word in
  • the word thin contains the word in

Why Look for Magic Words?

When children study words, they become more familiar with the patterns they make. This is always a good thing. The more often children look at sight words, the more likely they are to remember them- especially if there's something special about them.

Playing Magic Words encourages children not only to read the sight word as a whole but to look for other words they've already learnt. This reinforces the learning of the new and previously learnt words.
Magic Words
You can use sight word cards to look for magic words. However, you don't need to be limited to sight word cards. Any printed text will work (e.g., newspapers, signs, advertising billboard, etc.).

When children find a 'magic word' on their own, their self-confidence is boosted which in turns makes them more willing to try to read on their own.

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