Magic Play Dough

Here's a twist on play dough that children love. It's called Magic Play Dough.

Magic Play Dough is magic because it changes colour when the children first begin to play with it. It starts our white and then changes.

How To Make Magic Play Dough

  • Make up your play dough as normal, except leave out the food colouring. If you need a reliable play dough recipe, you'll find one here: Never Fails Play Dough Recipe.
  • Never Fails Play Dough Recipe

    The end result should be a white or creamy coloured dough.

  • Roll the play dough into fist-sized balls.
  • Never Fails Play Dough Recipe

  • Press a hole into the middle of each play dough ball with your finger, or the end of the spoon, and then add a few drops of food colouring into each ball. A medicine dropper works well for this.

    Carefully squeeze the hole closed so the food colouring is trapped in the middle of the play dough ball.

  • Never Fails Play Dough Recipe

  • Give the white balls of play dough to the children to knead. As they knead the dough, the food colouring will work through the lump of play dough, changing its colouring "magically".
  • Never Fails Play Dough Recipe

    Note: If you want stronger colours, add a few more drops of colouring. The marbled effect will disappear the more the dough is kneaded.

By creating Magic Play Dough, one batch of play dough can be turned into a range of colours. This adds to the fun.

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