The Liebster Blog Award

A big thanks to Learn With Play @ Home who recently awarded our website with the Liebster Blog Award.
Liesbster Blog AwardLearn With Play @ Home. They are so creative and full of fun ideas. Learn With Play often comes up with new ideas and recycles much loved ideas, recreating them with fresh life.

Debs (the author and creator of Learn with Play) uses her teacher training & philosophies to help others find easy ways to help children learn. She certainly succeeds in this. Definitely have a look at this blog!

Now, back to the award ...

The Goal of the Liebster Blog Award ...

is to spotlight terrific up-and-coming blogs.

The Rules of the Liebster Blog Award are:

  • Copy and paste the award on your blog
  • Thank the giver and link back to them
  • Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
  • Share 5 interesting things about yourself.

And the Liebster Blog Award Goes To ...

In all honesty, it's hard to pick only 5 'top picks'. The number of people writing about quality activities for children seems to be expanding tremendously.

So many outstanding blogs is encouraging as it can only mean that the quality of care and education for our children is increasing dramatically. This is absolutely fabulous!

I'm passing the Liebster Blog Award to the following blogs (in no particular order .... doesn't that sound like something you'd hear on a game show?):

  • Duck, Duck, Octopus
    With such an intriguing name, you'd expect to find some terrific ideas on this website ... and you surely will. Duck, Duck, Octopus is a blog that inspires ideas for creative play. The purpose of their blog: play, be silly, goofy and think outside the box. Truly, a blog to be enjoyed.

    A Mom With A Lesson Plan. Jill has created a blog that is a delight to read. Her years of experience as a preschool teacher and mum, fill the pages with wisdom and humour. As well, there are so many tried and tested ideas for children's learning activities, there's always something new to do. Definitely a blog to add to your 'must-read' list.

    The Chaos and the Clutter. I have only recently found this blog but am enjoying the thought-provoking posts written by another homeschooling family. This is an uplifting blog written with honestly and humour.

    Lessons Learnt Journal has been created by a primary school teacher and mum of four. The blog has been created to share reflections on parenting and teaching practices.

    Creekside Learning is another blog I have recently found and I've already been inspired to try out a couple of activities I've read about with my boys. The blog is written by Julie, a homeschool mum of three who has some great ideas to share.

Okay that was the hardest part ... simply because there are so many fantastic blogs to read!

Next ...

5 Interesting Things About Me

Hmmm ... actually this might be the hardest part of the task now that I've read the word 'interesting'

    1. I have the most gorgeous boys in the world (and am obviously extremely bias).

    2. I feel so honoured to be a part of my boys' lives which came about through adoption. We adopted our boys while living and teaching in Hong Kong.

    3. I love eating chocolate ... which in my opinion should be classified as an essential on the food pyramid.

    4. I love jumping on the trampoline with the boys and sending them into outer space. They laugh so much that it fills my heart with joy.

    5. I enjoy drawing and creating and would one day like to know how to use water colour paints properly. Most of my drawing is done on a computer via a drawing board.

I hope you enjoy reading through these blogs as much I do.

Have a great day,

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