Language Game: What’s In the Bag?

A Really Enriching and Fun Language Game
What's in the bag?
What's In the Bag? would have to be the easiest and quickest language game to organise but it has terrific educational benefits.

The objective of this language game is to identify objects hidden in a bag (or in this case, a pillowcase) and then create clues so others can guess what the object is as well.

Number of Players:

  • 2 or more people

Materials Required:
What's in the bag?

  • A bag (such as a pillowcase) or a box
  • A variety of objects to hide and identify.
  • Note: ensure the objects are safe to handle, i.e., no sharp points, etc.

How to Play the Language Game: What's In The Bag?

  • Hide a variety of objects in a bag without anyone seeing.
  • What's in the bag?

  • Children take turns to put one hand in the bag to try and identify one of the objects by touch - without peeking! (The "no-peeking-bit" seems to be the hardest part of the game as there's a great temptation to sneak a look).
  • Once an object has been identified, the player must not tell the others. Instead, he/she creates clues for others so they too can guess what the object is.
    For example:"It has bristles. It's hard. It's made of plastic. You use it on your hair."
  • Children then take turns to feel for an object and create clues for others to solve the mystery.

This is a great language game for fostering children's:

  • Language skills - formulating clues for others to solve
  • Cognitive skills - solving the mystery and forming clues for others to guess while remembering not to name the object
  • Problem-solving - working out what the object by touching and feeling shape, texture, size, etc.
  • Communication skills.

The other great thing about this language game is that it requires children to rely heavily on their sense of touch while drawing on their existing knowledge of the world and the objects found in it.

Did I mention that it's fun? Children love it.

Makes me wonder why I don't play What's in the bag? with the boys more often.

Ah ... there's just so much to learn, do and play ... it's a matter of making time (and remembering) to do it all.

Now, if only I knew where I could get two things: more time ... and a better memory!

Have fun!

Ps: do you play this game? What sort of objects do you put in the bag?

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