Kids Drawing Prompts

Drawing prompts are a great way to encourage children to draw. They provide support without dictating what to draw exactly.

Printable Drawing Prompts

Why Give Children Drawing Prompts?

Facing a blank piece of paper can sometimes be a daunting experience for anyone … especially children. For many kids just finding a starting point, to draw something recognisable, is overwhelming. This is where drawing prompts can be invaluable!

Drawing prompts:

  • Give children confidence to start drawing. Once started, drawing becomes easier.
  • Inspire and foster creativity
  • Stimulate ideas
  • Encourage and extend fine motor skills as children draw and colour
  • Instigate story telling skills (e.g., written or verbal) as each drawing tells its own story.

Drawing Prompts Support Children's Creativity

Drawing Prompts are Open-Ended

The beauty of drawing prompts is that there's no right or wrong way to complete them. As with any open-ended art project, children make all the decisions about what they put into the drawings.

Open-ended drawing prompts are valuable as they encourage children to:

  • Experiment with new ideas
  • Problem-solve
  • Design & create
  • Use decision-making skills (what will I put in, or leave out, of my drawing)

Drawing Prompts Foster Story-Telling Skills

When children draw, they create stories which they will often share with enthusiasm. By using open-ended questions, children are encouraged to retell the story they have created in their drawings.

Therefore, drawing prompts provide children with opportunities to exercise and refine their story telling skills.

You can further support your children’s story-telling skills by acting as a scribe for them, writing their words down as they tell the story.

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