How The Body Fights Germs

Here's a terrific book which helps to explain to children how the body fights germs.

I Know How We Fight Germs by Kate Rowan.

I Know How We Fight Germs

This book is part of a series - Sam's Science Books - which explores aspects of science through a conversation between Sam and his mum.

The boys really enjoyed this book and requested it be re-read a number of times.

The illustrations helped to explain the concepts in a way that our four year old enjoyed - especially when it came to fighting bacteria and viruses. I didn't know that these two germs were fought in different ways, but I do now.

We now know what blood is made up of (red & white blood cells, platelets and water) and what role each of these have in fighting germs (bacteria and viruses).

What is in Our Blood?

As a result of reading this activity, we created collages about the blood which the boys enjoyed making.

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