How Many Eggs?

"How Many Eggs?" is a dice game based on the story, "Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake".

How Many Eggs?

In the story, Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake, Sneaky Snake slithers into the hen house at night and gobbles eggs silently.

The next day, the hens lay more eggs.

This is an arrangement Sneaky Snake is happy with however the hens are of a different opinion and take matters into their own hands ... I mean ... becks!

Anyway, back to the game ... this dice game reinforces the maths skills of addition and subtraction.

The Objective of the Game, "How Many Eggs?"

... is to work out how many eggs Farmer Blake will be able to collect at the end of the game.

While the hens add eggs into the equation, Sneaky Snake subtracts eggs.

Preparation for the Game, "How Many Eggs?"

  • Print out the game board (2x A4 pages)
  • Laminate the papers into one game sheet. Lamination enables the game to be used over and over again with a different result each time.

Additional Materials Required for the Game "How Many Eggs?"

  • 1 or 2 dice (for more challenge add 2 dice)
  • A whiteboard marker.

How to Play "How Many Eggs?"

How Many Eggs?

Step 1. Roll the dice. Write the number in the first hen's box.

Step 2. Add the number contained in the previous nesting box. Write the answer in the next free nesting box (follow the direction of the arrows).

How Many Eggs?

Step 3. Roll the dice again. Write the number in the next box which is surrounded by a snake.

Step 4. Subtract the number in the snake's box from the number in the last nesting box. Write the answer in the next available nesting box.

Note: it makes more sense when you look at the game board - then it'll all be as clear as crystal. :o

Play continues with numbers being added by the hens and subtracted by the snakes. At the end of the number trail, you'll discover the number of eggs Farmer Blake will be collecting today.

How Many Eggs?

This game enables children to have fun while using the mathematical skills of addition and subtraction.

You're welcome to print the Sneaky Snake Dice Game for free. Download from here:

Before you go, have you seen the original story, Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake?

Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake

You'll find the story here. It's available as an app for iPad, an ebook or as part of a library for PC/Mac users.

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