How Do Our Books Help Children Learn To Read?

Good quality books inspire children to read!
Children need access to quality books

Good quality books are the sort of stories which cry out "READ ME" over and over again. They have outstanding illustrations. Their text is captivating.

In addition, books which help children to learn to read incorporate rhyme, rhythm, repetition and humour.

When creating our stories for the Stories and Children Literacy Series, our aim is to develop stories which will help children develop a love of reading. We do this by using:


Rhyming words help children to read word families (e.g., log, hog, bog, frog).

As children learn to recognise word families, their confidence grows which in turn helps them to become stronger readers.


Rhythm helps children recognise patterns in words and sentences. It helps words flow and makes reading a pleasure.


Repetition in text allows children multiple opportunities to recognise and revisit written words. It provides children predictability so they can gain confidence when reading as they know what's coming next. Repetition allows children to master something they find interesting.

Research has proven that children learn best through repetition as it establishes neural connections.


Humour engages children in the text. Actually, humour engages adults as well as children. Often I've giggled with children over something we've read in picture books.

5 Essential Elements for Learning

We aim for our books to:

  • Foster a love of language
  • Build and extend vocabulary
  • Capture children's interest
  • Inspire creativity
  • Kindle imagination

Stories and Children specialises in illustrated children's books which are perfect resources for:

Bonus Guide Notes

Each book contains Guide Notes which provide additional information for parents and educators.

The Guide Notes suggest activities and experiences which will extend children's learning based on concepts introduced in the books.

Our Books Available

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