Hammock Reading Nook

Reading outside is a "summer-must-do"! Creating a hammock reading nook makes the outdoor reading experience even better.

Hammock reading nook
There's something magical about spreading out in the cool shade of a tree on a warm summer's day, sipping a cool drink, swinging gently and, of course, reading!

The hammock reading nook is one of our favourite places to read.

Hammock reading nook
I'm grateful our hammocks are double-sized which means that one of our children can crawl in there with me and we can read together!

If you haven't tried out a hammock reading nook, put it on your summer-to-do list. It truly is relaxing.

Don't forget the cool drink to sip on ... and a little person to read to. :o)

Hammock Reading Nook or School is In

...or is it out ! ?

From a headmaster's point of view (the senior male family person), when I came out and saw the teacher and all the students rolled up in hammocks, I thought they were playing a joke on me. But - they are serious, they call this a school time activity and still finish school for the day at lunch time. No real world perspective I say.

Ok, the teacher doesn't get paid much, so I can understand the hammock keeps her on the job, so to speak - but all the students as well is just too much. You actually need to visit the individual hammock reading nook to see who's in there which means more work for me (and how much do you think I get paid - nada [nothing]). Please tell me if you agree with me, or I suppose you could let Susan know if you agree with her!

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