You’ll Love A Good Knight’s Bad Day!

It's here! The first book in our new series of Doodle Tales, A Good Knight's Bad Day!, is ready for you to grab! We know your child will LOVE our new doodling tale!

A Good Knight's Bad Day!

A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Firstly… What Are Doodle Tales?

A Good Knight's Bad Day! is a Doodle Tale ... which is a story that encourages your child to take an active role by:

  • Completing the illustrations with doodles and drawings
  • Adding ideas to expand and complete the story
  • Solving problems and finishing details.

Doodle Tales encourage the reader to take on the roles of illustrator and writer so that by the end of the book, each child has created their own individual story.

In Addition, Doodle Tales:

  • Provide the framework which inspires the reader to complete the story
  • Foster story-writing skills
  • Nurture Creativity.

For a more in-depth explanation about Doodle Tales, click here.

In Summary, Doodle Tales are:

  • Unique – kids add their own ideas
  • Versatile – Readers can add details and ideas that they are particularly fascinated by (e.g., dinosaurs, mermaids, etc.)
  • Non-Gender & Non-Age Specific – enjoyed by both girls and boys of different ages
  • Relaxing and fun.

Getting back to "A Good Knight’s Bad Day!"

A Good Knight's Bad Day! follows the adventure of a knight and his horse as they go in search of food which the castle chef needs.

The knight's impromptu mission is urgent in nature as both the knight and his horse are very hungry! If they want the chef to cook, they must find the food but this is easier said than done! Why? Because nothing in A Good Knight’s Bad Day! is as easy as it may at first seem!

"A Good Knight’s Bad Day!" Begins With ...

... character construction as readers create details about the knight and his horse. Any story is only as good as its characters so what better place to start!

A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Next, "A Good Knight’s Bad Day!" Is Full Of ...

... obstacles which the knight and his horse must overcome!

Your child will often need to solve problems by drawing solutions (e.g., bridges, a submarine, hot-air balloon, etc.) to address the obstacles so they will need to engage their problem-solving skills. The type of solution will depend on your child's imagination. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Your child will also be involved in creating obstacles (e.g., drawing monsters or a gigantic bird)! After all, the knight and his horse relish challenges!

A Good Knight’s Bad Day! provides plenty of opportunities to engage the think-outside-of-the-box-skills!

A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Good News & Bad News

Throughout the story, the good knight encounters both good news and bad news. It’s not until the end of the story, that the knight realizes bad news is just an opportunity to find a solution to a problem so that it can be turned into good news. In other words ...
Bad News + Solution = Good News!

A Good Knight's Bad Day!

30 Fun-Filled Doodling Pages

A Good Knight's Bad Day! has plenty of activity pages which will therefore keep children creatively engaged for hours!

A Good Knight’s Bad Day! has been printed on quality paper (100gms) so that drawing and colouring are a pleasure. Colours will not blend through from one page to mark the next, if coloured markers are used.

Note: If using extra strong permanent marking pens, such as Sharpies, place a protective cardboard sheet between pages to protect bleed-through.

Pages lay flat, due to the flexible binding, which makes drawing and colouring easy.

The plastic cover protects and helps to keep the book in good condition so your child can enjoy reading it repeatedly.

A Good Knight’s Bad Day! is only available in printed format and you can buy this story directly from our webshop! We will mail your book to you ASAP!

A Good Knight's Bad Day!

While we know that you'll enjoy Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!, we'd love to hear your experiences. Comment on this post or on our Facebook Page. Better still, upload one of your completed drawings to our Facebook Page because we'd love to see your masterpieces!

Have fun!

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