Gecko Art Activity – Free For You!

Here's a gecko art activity to inspire "artists" of all ages. I love these sort of doodling art activities as there really is no right or wrong way to do them. In fact, EVERYONE who can hold a pencil or a pen can enjoy this gecko art activity.

Gecko Art Activity

If you're new to doodling, have a quick look at these posts ... but don't linger too long because it's time to have some creative fun:

Through this gecko art activity, children experience:

  • the joy of making markings (i.e., drawing) in a non-threatening manner. There's no expectation to make something look 'real'. This gecko art activity really is all about making patterns.
  • pattern making by repeating lines & shapes.
  • fun while exercising fine motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination.

The "How To" of this gecko art activity:

It's really simple. Print out a copy of the geckos which can be downloaded from here.

Gecko Doodling Art Activity

The middle gecko already has some dividing lines to segment the gecko. This makes it easy to fill different segments with patterns.

The last gecko on the right is completely blank. You may find it easier to divide the gecko into segments (similar to the middle) gecko before adding patterns. Then again, if you're happy to dive right on in, go for it! Either way, have fun!

Gecko Art Activity: Start drawing doodles on your geckos

Grab a pen or pencil and fill in the blank geckos with doodles.

Lastly, add some colour using pencils, crayons or even water colours. (Note: if you plan to use water colours, make sure your doodles are drawn with permanent marker or the ink may run when the water colour paint is added).

Geckos are amazing creatures which are often beautifully patterned so they camouflage secretly into their environments.

In our home, we have two boys who are fascinated by geckos and will spend hours watching and stalking them. What’s not to like? Big eyes, cute feet, cubby tails and they eat those annoying little biting insects which hang around at night! As long as the geckos stay on the walls and windows, I’m happy. Now if they were to crawl on me, well... that’s a different story! :o

Speaking of stories, have you read our children’s story Grover Bill and the Geckos? The geckos in this story are extremely friendly and have a fantastic way of brightening up the world of Grover Bill. Unlike me, Grover Bill is more than happy to have these gentle, gleeful geckos bouncing on him! Here's a sneak peak ...

Grover Bill and the Geckos ... A Sneak Peak

Grover Bill and the Geckos ... A Sneak Peak

Grover Bill and the Geckos ... A Sneak Peak

Grover Bill and the Geckos ... A Sneak Peak

Grover Bill and the Geckos ... A Sneak Peak

Click here to bounce over to Grover Bill and the Geckos in our bookshop.

We'd love to see what you create with your gecko art activity. Feel free to share your artwork on our facebook page or leave a comment on this post. Enjoy your gecko art activity!

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