Gecko Art Activity No 2 For You To Enjoy

This is the second gecko art activity which you are welcome to download for free.

Gecko Art Activity No. 2

If you haven’t seen the first gecko art activity, you’ll find it here.

Gecko Art Activity - Benefits for Children

Like the first gecko art activity, this one encourages children to:

  • draw in a non-threatening manner. There’s no wrong or right way to doodle
  • explore pattern making by repeating lines and shapes
  • experience the relaxing activity of doodling. Truly, doodling is a very soothing activity.
  • strengthen fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination needed for writing while having fun at the same time.

This is a great activity to bring out when your child (or you) need something quiet to do (e.g., before bedtime, during midday quiet time, while waiting in the doctor’s surgery, etc.)

How to do this Gecko Art Activity No. 2

Gecko Art Activity No. 2

In this gecko art activity, we’re working on blending, or camouflaging, the geckos into their backgrounds by repeating the surrounding patterns on the geckos themselves.

The pattern for the first gecko is made up of short straight lines while the second is full of tiny circles and the last is wavy lines. All of these lines are used when writing so this activity makes a perfect pre-writing activity to strengthen wrists and fingers.

Of course, colour can always be added at any time!

You’re welcome to print out a copy of this gecko art activity No. 2 from here.

Story Extension for this Gecko Art Activity No. 2

We have the perfect story to go with this art activity ... Grover Bill and the Geckos. You’ll find previews of the story here and here.

While this gecko art activity No. 2 is very much about enjoying the process of creating & doodling, we’d love to see the artwork you create with it. Feel free to post a photo of your work on our facebook page or leave a comment on this post.

We hope you’ll enjoy doodling your geckos as much as we have.

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