Free Sneaky Snake Board Game

The Free Sneaky Snake Board Game is now ready for downloading. I hope your children will enjoy playing it as the game helps to refine both reading and maths skills.
Sneaky Snake Board Game

It's based on the story, Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake and is designed to encourage children to read while having fun.

There's a game board to print out....

Sneaky Snake Game Board

as well as Sneaky Snake Cards which children need to read and follow ...

Sneaky Snake Board Game

In case you're wondering, the glass beads are the 'eggs' which need to be collected in the game. You could use anything for 'eggs' that you have at home - buttons, beans, counters. Real eggs? Hmmm ... maybe not, unless they're hard boiled!

Sneaky Snake Board Game

We found the boys loved two aspects about this game:

  • Collecting the eggs and
  • Reading the Sneaky Snake Cards. (I think it was the 'surprise' or 'unknown' element the cards offer which the boys loved).

You are welcome to print the game board, cards and instructions for free.

Here are the links you'll need for the Sneaky Snake Game Board (page 1 and 2) along with the Sneaky Snake Cards & Instructions: (printed on A4 sized sheets of paper/card)

We sincerely hope you'll enjoy the game! Let me know how you go.

Have fun!

Ps: Have you checked out the free printable board game for Hog and Frog ?

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