12 Free Printable Drawing Prompts for Kids

How exciting!!! These 12 FREE printable drawing prompts for kids are now ready for you to download!

12 Free Printable Drawing Prompts for Kids

Why am I so excited? Because there are two things I love - stories and drawing - and these free printable drawing prompts for kids involve both!!!

The Free Printable Drawing Prompts for Kids ...

... are designed to foster and extend children's creativity as they draw and create stories for each prompt. Each page provides a suggestion for children to expand.

Examples of the Free Printable Drawing Prompts for Kids

The beauty of these free printable drawing prompts is that there's no right or wrong way to complete them. As with any open-ended art project, the child makes all the decisions about what he/she puts into the drawings.

Examples of the Free Printable Drawing Prompts for Kids

The drawing prompts can be printed easily on A4 paper for your convenience.

Make Erasable Drawing Prompts

If you'd like to re-use these free printable drawing prompts for kids, either laminate the sheets or place them in plastic sleeves and use them with whiteboard markers. The drawings can then be erased and the drawing prompts used over and over.

Examples of the Free Printable Drawing Prompts for Kids

The Story Behind the Free Drawing Prompts for Kids ...

Aunt Lou's Cockatoo

These free drawing prompts for kids are based on our humorous story Aunt Lou's Cockatoo.

What's the Story About?

I'm glad you asked ...

    Take one mysterious parcel, add a crazy cockatoo, a loyal cat and a whole lot of mess, and you have the story of "Aunt Lou's Cockatoo"!

    It all starts with Aunt Lou who is having a really bad day!

    Firstly, she receives a mysterious parcel for her birthday which turns out to be empty!

    Secondly, her house is turning into one gigantic, sticky-icky mess.

    Will Aunt Lou blame her loyal cat for all the trouble? Or will she solve the mystery of the empty package and find out who or what is making the mess?

In a nutshell, it's a humorous story which has children enjoying reading!

Who is the Story For?

"Aunt Lou's Cockatoo" is designed for beginner readers and incorporates rhyme, rhythm, repetitive text as well as humour! In other words, it draws children in and empowers them to read.

Aunt Lou's Cockatoo focuses on the 'oo' sound

"Aunt Lou's Cockatoo" is great for students who are learning the "oo" sound (as in "Cockatoo") as well as the many different ways to spell it (e.g., oo, ue, ew, u_e, u).

Extras for Teachers, Parents and Carers

Guide Notes are also included with the story which provide many cross-curriculum suggestions (e.g., art, English, maths, science, emotional/social/moral development and physical development).

Guide Notes for Aunt Lou's Cockatoo

Apps for the story, "Aunt Lou's Cockatoo" are available for all types of readers (including iPad), PCs and Macs. In other words, we've got you covered! :o

Included within the app are many extension activities which are designed to expand and reinforce the learning experienced through the story.

Free Aunt Lou Board Game

Aunt Lou Board Game

All of our books come with free printables which you can access via our website after registering (which is also free). You're also most welcome to download and print the FREE Aunt Lou's Cockatoo Board Game. The game is a great way to incorporate some maths with some reading ... and it's fun!!!

Okay, that's enough about the story. For more information, and a video clip, please visit our website.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy using these drawing prompts with your children or class.

Why are these Drawing Prompts Free?

I really enjoy doodling and wanted to share this enjoyment with children. Doodling has so many wonderful benefits for people of ALL ages!

Also, I hope that these drawing prompts will inspire you to look more closely at our book app, "Aunt Lou's Cockatoo" - a story written to support and encourage beginner readers. The story can be purchased for from here. Okay, while I'd love to be able to give everything away for free, I still have to cover costs. Your children will LOVE our stories. :o

Actually, I'd really LOVE to see the masterpieces your child creates with these prompts. You are most welcome to post a photo of your child's creative work on our facebook page ... or leave a comment on this post.

Download 12 Free Printable Drawing Prompts for Kids ...

... from here.

Have fun drawing and doodling!!!

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