Free Access to Thousands of Children’s Books

Looking for free children's books? We've got the answer!

If you've stepped into a bookshop recently, you'll know that it's very easy to spend a fortune on children's books.

The problem is that when you're fostering or expanding a love of reading in your child, then you're going to need books. Lots of them!!!

Here's the good news. You can access thousands of books for free children's books by simply joining your local library. Most times, these libraries are run by government bodies such as the council.

State libraries give you access to a wide variety of children's books. In addition, you can order specific books for free or for a small fee.
Library Box
We've been using library services for years. I confess, that when we visit the library, our library "bag" is actually a box on wheels simply because we borrow so many books at a time.

Why do we borrow so many books so regularly? Because I want the boys to develop an attitude that says:

  • reading is a part of everyday life
  • reading is fun, books are fun
  • to learn, read
  • to discover information or find out answers, read
  • to enjoy a story or laugh, read!

Okay, I confess we also borrow books because I love reading them. Often when we bring a pile of books home, it's me who's diving into them saying, "Look at this one. Come and read with me!"

You may think that I should have grown out of reading children's books by this time in my life as sadly I'm no longer a spring chicken! However, the good thing is that enthusiasm for reading is caught.

If you're excited about books, you're child will be too ... especially when you make books fun by the way in which you approach and read them.

For tips on how to make reading times unforgettable, read How To Read Aloud.
Library Box
We've also picked up some great books through garage sales, fetes, second hand shops. Buying pre-loved books is a great way to obtain more children's books without spending a fortune.

However, our first and primary source of free children's books is definitely the library.

If you haven't joined your local library, don't delay ... do it today! (Yes, I know - that sounded like some corny advertising slogan! Now you know why I don't have a job in an advertising company. :o)

Getting back to the library ...

To find your local library, try doing a search on the internet. Your local council website may be of help. For example, if you live in Brisbane, Qld, this website will help locate your local library:
Brisbane Libraries.

By the way, libraries often put on events for children on a regular basis ... such as story readings, author visits or competitions. Check you local library to find out what is happening.

Don't forget to take a box on wheels with you!

Have fun!

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