The New Fox Story is Coming!

Big news ... there's a new fox story coming! Yes, that's right. Our new book is getting closer to being finished.

Our new fox story

Have you ever noticed that sometimes life gets so busy that there seems there's no time to get to everything? That's been the case here of recent.

As a result, work on our new fox story had come to a grinding halt.

However, I'm happy to say that progress is now continuing on the fox story and another 3 pages of illustrations have just been completed.
It's such a joy to get back into drawing.

Anyway, want to see some previews? While I'd like to say these drawings are finished, I find that there's always tweaking or changes to be made but these illustrations will give you a little bit of a peek into part of the story.

Our new fox story

Our new fox story

Our new fox story

I'd love to show you more but that will give away the plot and spoil the whole story when it's eventually released. :o

So what do you think?

Oops ... just realised that I've told you this story is about a fox but he doesn't actually appear in any of these pages. :o

He does exist and this is what he looks like:

The star of our new book

If you haven't seen our other stories, make sure you check out our website. We've received very positive feedback.

What do our readers say?

Your books have made such a difference in my daughter's life. She has never liked books but she loves your story apps! I was in tears last night as she tried to read one of your books from memory. I'm so impressed and happy. Thank you!

    Beckie - mum to 3 beautiful daughters, one of whom has autism.

Top notch in beautiful illustrations, storyline, expressive narration, rhyming text, the many interactive activities and child friendly navigation. Both my boys, 3 & 6, love these apps. They remain engaged and have great replay value. As a parent, I especially love the Guide Notes, they are so helpful and insightful. We now have 5 apps from the series and they have been a wonderful addition to our digital library. I would HIGHLY recommend these apps!

    Kate Stinnet .. parent and app reviewer

Hi Susan, the books were super easy to download to my iPad! They are fantastic stories. The illustrations make the stories come to life. The best part for me, however, are the activities and they are printable!!!! Thank you so much! The children in my Year 2 class will love these stories!

    Michelle: Year 2 class teacher

My 3.5 year old girls just love the stories, they are able to easily navigate through the book pages and enjoy the activities. I found them to be very educational. My 9 year old son also enjoyed having a go. He's in 3rd grade at the moment and so he used the I'll read button and he read the stories to me. The illustrations are fun and I like the way the story teller has a clear speaking voice.

    Kelly Hunt: mum of 3 children

I am loving your apps. I had my 5 and 7 y.o. reading Hog And Frog while we were waiting for their swimming lesson and they were in stitches. Love everything about these books. I really do love your work and it is so exciting to see great Australian content coming into the AppStore.

    Sarah DeBellis: parent and app reviewer

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Have a great day,
Susan Syddall.

Ps: Keep an eye on this website. Our new book will hopefully be released in the not too distant future! We'll keep you updated on its progress.

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