Extension Activities for Fly

Here are some extension activities for Fly ... as in 'Fly' from the story "It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly!"

Extension Activities for Fly

These extenstion activites have been designed to help your child gain the most out of his/her reading experience with this story.

The first pack of extension activities, based on It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly!

... can be downloaded for free and includes:It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly!

  • A drawing prompt/activity - "Fly is having a thank-you-Mr-Sty-party"
  • Cooperative listening game - Paste that fly!
  • Patterning activity involving colourful fly tiles.
  • Fly Sudoku - level one
  • Which came first? (a sequencing activity).

Please feel free to download Pack 1 for free.

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The second pack of extension activities based on It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly!

... is more extensive and includes:

Art Activities

  • Fly's Family Portrait Gallery (a drawing prompt activity)


  • Fly number cards (for sorting, sequencing, odds/evens)
  • 2 Sudoku Puzzles -
    • a new Level 1 (4x4 grid)
    • Level 2 (6x6 grid)


  • Crazy Fly Story (cooperative writing game)
  • Crazy Sentences (playing with words)
  • Create Your Own Shape Poem (includes explanations and instructions)
  • Flies & Butterflies (playing with words)
  • Help Mr Sty Find New Words (adjectives)
  • Hidden Words (word hunt in picture format)
  • How Many Words? (word game)
  • Identifying Real and Imaginary Characters (includes lesson plan aligned with Australian Curriculum)
  • Long "i" Word Sort (includes word tiles and sorting sheets)
  • Memory Game (based on interesting words from the story)
  • Report Back (writing a book report)
  • Roll and Play with Words (a dice & word game)
  • What Happens Next? (writing & drawing activity)
  • Who is Who? (comprehension activity)
  • Word Shapes (puzzle)

All these printables are included in the

Extension Activity Pack 2 (It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly!)

for AUD$3-00.

Once purchased, go to the 'My Account' page to download.

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