Exercise Builds Brain Power

It's true ... exercise builds brain power!

In a day and age when so much emphasis is placed on academic skills, sometimes the benefits of play and exercise are underestimated.

However, the truth is that when children play, move, run and jump, they are actually developing skills needed for academic activities such as reading and writing.

In other words, exercise builds brain power needed for the academic activities.

Exercise builds brain power

If you'd like more information about how exercise makes children smarter and the research behind this fact, have a look at this website: " The Benefits of Exercise on Your Kid's Brain"

In the meantime, it's time to do some brain building activities, so let's play tag ... or climb a tree ... or engage in a game of hide and seek. In other words, get physical and have some fun!

What is your favourite game or activity to play with children which gets them moving? We'd love to hear about your adventures. Leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

At the moment, ours is playing tag on the trampoline ... or in the pool. This gets everyone not only moving but laughing and enjoying life as well ... especially when mum is the target of their games!

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