Electronic or Printed Stories?

Which are better - electronic or printed stories?

When it comes to reading children's books, I throw my hand in the air and declare boldly that I LOVE printed children's books!

The very state of our library cards (they're extremely well-used), bears testimony to this. We make regular visits to our local library and raid their shelves mercilessly!

However, I'm also aware that these days our children have more available to them than printed books.

Which are better: Electronic or Printed Stories?

There is now a world of electronic books and apps that I would have loved as a child!

The mere concept of being able to hold a tablet which can contain multitudes of stories to explore and discover, is fascinating. This fact, coupled with the many extras added into these electronic stories such as learning activities and educational games, makes reading extremely appealing to young readers.

In fact, a recent report (Scholastic - Kid's and Family Reading Report, 4th Edition) states:

    "Of the children who have read an ebook, one in five says they are reading more books for fun" especially boys, who tend to be less frequent readers than girls. In addition, almost half of all children age 6 to 17 say they would read more books for fun if they had greater access to ebooks."

For many parents, the romance of curling up with a book is something to be treasured. This is something I love doing with my boys.

But guess what? I've discovered I can do this with an electronic reading device (e.g., a tablet) as well.

Yes, I know ... curling up with an "electronic device" doesn't have that same ring to it as a "printed book" ... but believe me, if you've ever sat down and read an exciting story to a youngster using an electronic device, you'll know that children don't seem to worry about it at all.

Why? Because it's the person who's reading the story and spending time with them that makes all the difference. That's you & I ... just in case you're wondering who I'm rambling on about. :o

So HOORAY for the printed books AND for the electronic books. If they're getting our children to love reading, that's brilliant!

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