How To Make A Pirate Costume

Recently, we've been dressing up as pirates and reading pirate stories. This meant we needed to come up different pirate related items including a:

  • Pirate's Parrot
  • Pirate's Sword
  • Pirate's Sword Holder and a
  • Pirate's Hat

This is how we made our pirate costume.

We started with the Pirate's Parrot. After all, every pirate needs a parrot!

A Pirate Costume Needs a Parrot

We ...

    1. Drew and cut out two parrot shapes so they could be stuck back to back and stuffed.
    How To Make A Pirate's Parrot

    If you'd like a parrot outline to download and print, you're welcome to use this Outline for the Pirate's Parrot:

    2. Decorated the outside of the parrot by pasting on coloured paper and feathers. (We covered the parrot pieces with contact to give it a bit more strength but this is optional).
    How To Make A Pirate's Parrot
    How To Make A Pirate's Parrot

    3. Stuck the two pieces together using sticky tape. However, glue or a stapler would do just as well. Ensure that you leave an opening at the bottom to insert the paper stuffing inside the parrot.
    How To Make A Pirate's Parrot

    4. Pasted on the parrot feet.

    5. Stuffed the parrot with scraps of paper.
    How To Make A Pirate's Parrot

    6. Added on a few extra feathers with a bit more tape.
    How To Make A Pirate's Parrot

    7. Finally taped the parrot onto the pirates shoulder (or more specifically, the pirate's shirt).

We also made some pirate swords.

A Pirate's Costume Needs A Sword

How To Make A Pirate's Sword

These were simply pieces of cardboard cut to shape and then covered with tinfoil (aluminium foil) and sticky tape.
How To Make A Pirate's Sword Holder
A great sword holder can simply be made out of a scarf tied around the pirate's waist.

How to Make A Pirate Hat

If you're looking for a pirate hat pattern, here's one here which you're welcome to use:

How To Make A Pirate's Hat

Simply cut out the two pieces - the front of the hat and the hat band. Once the hat has been decorated (coloured/painted/collaged), secure one end of the hat band to one edge of the hat. Measure the hat band around the pirate's head and secure the other end of the hat band to the other side of the hat.

Some face paint added the finally touches.

The result was some terrific looking pirates! I'm pleased to report these pirates were friendly ... most times, anyway! :o
How To Make A Pirate

Hint: A mirror is great when you're trying to see what you look like as a pirate!

As for stories for pirates to read ... there are a heap of them. Here are some pirate stories which we've enjoyed recently:

If you're looking for a new reading chart to use with your children, you're welcome to download this Pirate Ship Reading Record Chart. This is a great way to acknowledge children's reading efforts and recording how many books they've read.

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