Draw With Light

Ever since I read about how to draw with light on the website Made by Joel, I've been wanting to try this activity with the boys.

Joel has created some truly beautiful drawings with light. I had no idea you could do such a thing.
Draw With Light

Last night, we had the perfect opportunity to draw with light. Our drawings are less elaborate, but we had heaps of fun all the same.
Draw With Light

By using a digital camera, the results could be seen instantly, which really added to the excitement of the activity.

Materials Needed to Draw with Light

  • A torch
  • Darkness - e.g., a dark room or night time
  • A camera

Draw With Light

How to Draw with Light

  • Adjust the settings on your camera so that the exposure time is lengthened.
  • Point the torch towards the camera and draw in the air while the photo is being taken.
  • It's that simple.

Draw With Light


  • Set the exposure time to 10 seconds.

    Note: I confess that I don't really know how to use the settings on our camera. Mostly, I point the camera and press the button.
    Draw With Light

    These photos were taken on the "twilight" setting which has a short exposure time. However, we were happy with the results for our first try.

    I'm going to have to research how to use our camera, (i.e., actually read the instruction manual - once I find it!) so I can extend the length of exposure time. I'm sure that will make a huge difference to the photos.

  • Use a tripod to help keep the camera steady, especially if you have extended the exposure time.
  • Draw With Light
    The boys weren't the only ones keen to draw with light. Big sister, Amanda, had a go. Guess how we know this is her drawing?
    Draw With Light

    Even Mum was caught on camera having a play. Yes, it's true - I often play with the materials given to the boys.

    Possible Extension Ideas

    Once I gain my 'driver's license' for our camera, I'm hoping we can experiment with this activity.

    • Is it possible to draw with light using glow sticks?
    • What effect would it have if we covered the torch with coloured cellophane?
    • What would happen if we used torches of different strengths?
    • Would it work if we had two people drawing with light at the same time?

    Oh ... the mind boggles with possibilities.

    Now, where is that instruction manual for the camera?

    If you've tried this activity, I'd love to hear how you went. Better still, I'd love to see photos of the end result. Have fun!

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