The Draw A Story Game

Draw A Story Game

The Draw A Story Game was inspired by Creative With Kids' Rain Day Doodle Game.

The objective of the game is to cooperatively create drawings which are then used to develop stories.

Materials Required for the Draw a Story Game

  • One sheet of paper for each player
  • Pens or pencils to draw with
  • A timer.

How to Play the Draw A Story Game

The Draw a Story Game

Each player is given a sheet of paper to draw on for 1 minute. The drawings may be of anything and everything (e.g., mountains, vehicles, animals, trees, clouds, rain, etc.).

The Draw a Story Game

A digital timer works really well for keeping track of the time. When the minute expires, players exchange drawing papers so that everyone ends up with a different piece of paper to draw on.
The Draw a Story Game

The timer is reset for 1 minute and everyone draws once more. (We ended up extending the 1 minute drawing period to 2 minutes as everyone became so involved in what they were drawing and wanted more time).

By continuing in this fashion for 1 minute intervals, everyone draws on each piece of paper several times.

The Draw a Story Game

Once the drawing papers are full, or everyone has had enough, it's time to take turns telling stories about the drawings. Each player takes a turn to tell a story which incorporates the drawings on the paper in front of them.
The Draw a Story Game

I loved the way that one player was able to alter a drawing and add something new to the picture.
The Draw a Story Game

The end results were some truly collaborative works of art. Everyone had some input.

The Draw a Story Game fosters:

  • Team work and cooperation
  • Respect for another person's work
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Language skills

The Cooperative Story Drawing Game

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