Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play

This week, the boys decided they needed some costumes for dramatic play and described them in great detail.

So out came the sewing machine as I wrestled to work out what was needed and how to create it.

Dramatic Play

I loved the way, however, that the minute the costumes were put on, the boys immediately took on the role of different characters. They went twisting and twirling across the yard making it extremely difficult to get a photo.

Dramatic play costumes allow children to:

  • see the world from a different perspective as they take on roles of different characters (e.g., doctors, superheroes, pilots, police, etc.)
  • expand imaginations which in turn allows children to problem-solve
  • increase vocabulary as children talk about their roles
  • develop confidence.

What's your child's favourite dramatic play activity?

By the way, have you tried re-enacting stories with your child? This is a fantastic way to expand concepts and expand vocabulary. Have fun!

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