DIY Working Catapults

I first read about DIY working catapults from Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning well over a year ago.

We made them then and they worked really well. The boys recently requested to make some more catapults, which is exactly what we did.

These DIY working catapults are simply SO much fun to play with.

The best part is the catapults are inexpensive to make, using materials you probably already have around your home.

Materials Required for DIY Working Catapults

DIY Working Catapults

  • A block of wood
  • A sturdy peg
  • A couple of craft sticks
  • A plastic lid (e.g., from a milk bottle)
  • A hot glue gun

DIY Working Catapults ... How To Make Them ...

  • Step One

    DIY Working Catapults

    Glue the peg securely onto a small block of wood

  • DIY Working Catapults

  • Step Two

    DIY Working Catapults

    Glue a craft stick onto the top of the peg.

  • Tip: We later found that if you glue two craft sticks together, the wood is much stronger and will last longer. This is especially the case when you have enthusiastic children (or adults) playing with them

  • Step Three

    DIY Working Catapults

    Glue the lid to the end of the craft stick.

  • Step Four

    DIY Working Catapults

    Load with ammunition and get ready to have some serious fun!

  • DIY Working Catapults

    What Sort of Ammunition Do Catapults Use?

    In regards to what sort of ammunition works well, finding out is all part of the fun.

    We tried ...

    DIY Working Catapults

    • Fuzzy, fluffy balls. They work great and are definitely safe if you just happen to be in the firing line!
    • A rubber tyre from a Lego set
    • A smaller plastic bottle top
    • A ping-pong ball (definitely try these - they fly!)
    • A small pretend golf ball - very light, made of plastic only. (Another flyer!!!)

    I'm not sure who had the most fun playing with these catapults ... the boys or Mum! Let's just say, they were a hit!

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