DIY Penguin Skittles

Penguin skittles are really easy to make using recycled materials. Better still, children enjoy with playing penguin skittles!

Penguin Skittles

Penguin skittles can be adapted so children learn sight words, letter sounds or even maths skills (e.g., addition). The choice is up to you!

How to Make Penguin Skittles

You'll need to collect three-litre milk or juice bottles which have been washed out.

Penguin Skittles Template

Download and print out the penguin template for each bottle you've prepared. The template has been designed to fit on a three-litre milk bottle.

Add a little water to each bottle and screw the caps on tightly. The water helps to keep the bottles upright and provides stability to the skittles otherwise they may be inclined to fall over too easily, especially if there's a breeze.

Cut out the penguins and stick or glue them to the side of each bottle.

Penguin Skittles

Guess what? You've finished! That was easy, wasn't it!

Games to Play with Penguin Skittles

We've successfully used these skittles in a couple of ways but really you can adjust them to suit your child's needs. Bean bags work very well with the skittles although you could also use balls.

Sight Word Penguin Skittles

Write one sight word on each penguin skittle. As players knock over a skittle, encourage them to read the word on each bowled skittle.

To add some maths into the equation, players record tally marks showing which skittles have been knocked over.

Alternatively, assign points to each skittle so players need to keep a running score of how much they've earned by knocking over skittles.

Letter Sound Penguin Skittles

Write one letter on each penguin skittle. As players knock over a skittle, they must locate and collect a picture of something starting with the letter on the skittle they've knocked over. For example, if they knock over the penguin skittle with the letter 'd', they search for a picture of something starting with the sound d such as dog, donut, dodo, etc.

Collect picture cards for each letter sound

When we play, we lay the picture cards on the floor so they are all jumbled up. This means children must search for the correct picture card they're looking for.

The objective of the game is to collect as many picture cards as possible.

Alternatively, players must name something that starts with the letter sound. This version of the game does not require the preparation of multiple picture cards.

Can you think of other games to play with these skittles? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

Have fun with your own penguin skittles which are inexpensive and quick to make but very effective!

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