Deconstruction Recycling Time

When a piece of electrical equipment stops working in our house (and it's unrepairable), there's a rush for the screw drivers as it is "Deconstruction Recycling Time!"

Deconstruction Recycling Time

In other words, it's time to recycle the piece of non-working equipment by turning it into a valuable learning experience as children deconstruct, or pull apart, the item. (Hmmm ... the term deconstruction recycling time was easier to say!)

You could be forgiven for asking, 'why?' What's the point of giving children screwdrivers and asking them to pull something apart?

Here's a few reasons:

The Benefits of deconstructing non-working equipment

There are a couple of things missing from this list, including:

Deconstruction enables children to concentrate

: Children need this especially when faced with obstacles and believe me, this fan presented quite a few. It took some effort to work out why parts wouldn't come apart and how to overcome the obstacle. At one stage, we even had to get the hammer out!

Deconstruction enables children to concentrate

Concentration: When children are thoroughly engaged in a task, they concentrate for long periods of time.

Learning through fun is the best way to learn

Enjoyment: When children's attention and imaginations are captured by a task, they enjoy themselves. Learning when you're having fun is definitely the best type of learning!

Economics: This is a really cheap way to provide hours of learning! A really cheap 'toy'! :o

Now, the question that needs to be asked ... have our eager screwdriver-wielding-'deconstructers' ever attempted to pull apart working objects?

Thankfully, the answer is 'no' ... unless you count the time they attempted to work on the screws in their bedroom door hinge ... or when they undid the screws on the base of battery operated toys.

What can I say? Boys with screw drivers will go around looking for screws which need to be undone. So consider yourself warned! :o

As for the fan ... I regret to say that it is now in the bin having outlived its usefulness. I'd like to say that we used the parts in some fantastic creative project and now have a remote control robot rolling around the house doing all of the housework, but alas, we don't. Maybe next time! :o

Do you desconstruct non-working equipment? I'd love to hear about it. Tell us in the comments below or feel free to write on our facebook page. Have fun!

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