Creating An Aluminium Foil Collage

Creating an aluminium foil collage was the project for today's art experience.

Making an aluminium foil collage was a valuable learning experience as it enabled the boys to mould with a material that held its shape - enabling more of a 3 dimensional aspect to be added to the collages.

The boys declared the best part of this art activity was definitely playing with the aluminium foil. It could be squashed, flattened, and manipulated so that it provided a 3 dimensional aspect to the collage.
Aluminium Foil Collage

We started by cutting up aluminium foil and scrunching it into small balls.

Aluminium Foil Collage

The tricky part was then problem-solving how to open and flatten it out again without tearing the foil. Great for fine motor skills and dexterity.

Aluminium Foil Collage

Next, the foil was pasted to paper. This enabled the boys to make decisions about their designs, placing the pieces wherever they liked them on the paper.

The boys were fascinated by the properties of the aluminium foil in the sense that it enabled them to make a 3-dimensional collage with pieces sticking out from the paper as opposed to it all being as flat as a pancake.

Next we added lines and patterns using permanent markers.
Aluminium Foil Collage

The boys drew squiggles on the aluminium foil itself and then later drew lines around the aluminium foil.

Drawing in the spaces fostered:

  • hand-eye coordination
  • spatial awaremess.

We did try drawing with a group of pens at one time however it was difficult to get all the pens working flat on the paper at the same time. We'll have to work on this idea further as it definitely was something the boys wanted to make work.

Aluminium Foil Collage

This was one art project that was definitely more about the process than the end result. Having said that, the boys are very happy with what they've created:

Aluminium Foil Collage

Aluminium Foil Collage

Mum's efforts:
Aluminium Foil Collage

We'll definitely be exploring how we can use aluminium foil in different art projects. Something new and different to explore! How exciting!

Do you use aluminium foil in art projects with children? I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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