Class Three All At Sea

One of Our Favourite Pirate Stories

If you're looking for a great pirate story, you have to have a look at Class Three All At Sea.
Class Three All At Sea
Age Level: 3 years and up.

The boys and I absolutely love this book. We've read it so many times, I've lost count. Every night, for weeks, David would bring this book out to be read before bedtime.

What makes this book so good?

It's a great combination of carefully crafted words and excellent illustrations.

I admit ... give me a book with great illustrations, and I'm a happy camper.

I love the colours, the shapes and the textures that show up in these illustrations.

They've been created with pastels and the softness and brilliance of these drawings definitely captivates the imagination.


The text is written in rhyme and is a delight to read. It flows really well.

A story about pirates has to have a lot of action. This book is no exception.

Yes ... this book definitely has it in bucket loads. I love the bit about the teacher who is definitely not going to get the 'teacher of the year award' as she's off in her own world, entranced by one of the pirates. She eventually marries him!

As for the children, they're left to fend for themselves ... and they do it superbly.

Other Notes:
In our book travels, we discovered there is another book out by the same author entitled, "Class Two at the Zoo". This is another of our favourites.
Class Two At the Zoo

We've already been on the internet to find out if there's a Class One or a Class Four ... but alas, there doesn't appear to be! Here's hoping they'll be created soon. :o

By the way, I've just discovered Lynne Chapman, the creator of both these books, has a website ....Lynne Chapman

The next time I've a few minutes to spare, guess where I'm heading to have a look around. I love finding out stories behind the stories.

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