Chinese New Year Dragons

Kung Hei Fat Choy - Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Dragons

As part of our recent focus on Chinese New Year, we attempted to draw and paint our own Chinese New Year Dragons.

Looking up Chinese New Year Dragons on the Internet

To begin with, we had a look at images of Chinese New Year Dragons on the internet. From a western perspective, these mythical creatures sure can look scary.

Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year Dragons

Chinese Dragons are:

  • wise, powerful and noble
  • signs that good things will happen.

Chinese Dragons are not like Western dragons in story books which are fire breathing enemies. In fact, Chinese Dragons don't breathe fire at all.

Chinese dragons are mythical creatures made up of different parts of other animals, including:

  • the head of a camel
  • the body of a serpent
  • claws of an eagle
  • whiskers of a catfish
  • legs of a tiger
  • scales of a fish and
  • antlers of a deer.

Once we'd had a look at numerous images of Chinese dragons, we attempted to draw our own.
Drawing Chinese New Year Dragons

This required a lot of concentration.
Painting Chinese New Year Dragons

Afterwards, out came the paint.
Painting Chinese New Year Dragons
The end results:
Chinese New Year Dragons
Chinese New Year Dragons
Okay, so they don't look like traditional Chinese New Year Dragons (I've yet to see a Chinese Dragon wearing a helmet and carrying a person on his back) but the boys were happy with the efforts. As for me, I loved their pictures but I'm biased.

By discussing Chinese dragons, we were able to talk about and introduce the concepts of:

  • how different cultures celebrate the beginning of a new year
  • the words mythical and legendary
  • the difference between real and imaginary
  • how different people hold different beliefs, superstitions and traditions.

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