Children See Things Differently

Children see things differently from adults, often.

Children see things differently

I re-discovered this fact recently when we went to a local lake.The sand on the shore was spotted with dark patches of fragmented, burnt wood, presumably washed from the other side of the lake where there'd been a bush fire recently.

One of the boys was delighted to find lots of this black material.

When I saw the area, I had an instant urge to walk around the 'rubbish' and move to 'clean' sand.

However, my son didn't see the material as rubbish. He saw it as valuable reinforcement which was needed to strengthen the concrete he was making.

How differently we approached the same area!

He greeted the beach with enthusiasm while I was ready to move elsewhere.

Once my son shared what he was doing, I was able to see the burnt wood in a new light and was thankful for the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a child.

Does this mean I wanted to play too? Well, let's just say I loved watching the cement take shape, fashioned carefully with my sons imagination and creativity, while I took photos.

I am so thankful that children see things differently from adults but more than that, I feel privileged that at times, I get a peek into their insights as they talk about what they're doing and thinking.

So hooray for black spots on the beach!

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