Children need both risk and challenge

It's true! Children need both risk and challenge within their play!

Children need both risk and challenge

Have you ever noticed how children view situations differently from parents? What am I asking ... of course you have!

Recently, I was reminded of this while we were out for a walk on a cold winter's afternoon.

My view of the situation: It's really cold and it's getting late. You've been a bit sick lately ... so don't get wet! Besides, we're quickly running out of dry clothes to wear as you've already been through 2 changes of clothes today!

My child's perspective (evident from his actions, body language and facial expressions): there's water, sand, space ... let's play ... and by the way, I'm NOT cold and that water definitely, absolutely, positively has to be jumped over!!! How exciting! Not sure if I can make it. I could get wet but it's a risk I'm willing to take! It's a challenge! What fun! Let's go!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching my children jump over the water and was reminded that children need both risk and challenge in their play.

It's through play that children learn skills which enable them to assess risks and overcome challenges in life.

Children need to be as safe as necessary not as safe as possible!

As for the clothes, yes, they got wet. No the boys didn't get too cold (probably due to their running around) and everything (boys & clothes) were washable! On reflection, the boys' perspective of the situation was more inviting and full of life than my first take of the situation!

What a privilege to experience life with a child!

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