Children are the curriculum

Children are amazing! They have an inbuilt desire to learn. In fact, if we trust our children, they create the curriculum themselves!

The children are the curriculum because of their curiosity and desire to know 'why' and 'how' things work.
Children are the curriculum

Books are a fantastic way to support children in their quest of learning more about themselves and the world around them.

By providing books, we give children the opportunity to:

  • follow their interests
  • make choices
  • be responsible for their own learning
  • connect prior learning to new understandings
  • gain a deeper understanding of topics.

When children are encouraged to follow their interests, they are motivated to learn and will often engage in sustained in focused learning.

Often the things children read in books can then be extended into other experiences (e.g., art, science, maths, physical education, etc.).

This week, the designers of our curriculum (i.e., our children) have had us exploring the world of kites and the how the wind affects us. We've made numerous trips to the park to fly kites (and of course to climb - which seems to be a mandatory activity no matter where we go!).

Where have your curriculum creators taken your family this week? Which books are you reading?

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