Children can do the impossible

I've lost count of the number of times I've been surprised by my children! Yesterday was no exception!

Children can do the impossible

While we were at the beach, the boys discovered an enormous rock which they promptly decided needed to be turned over. Why? I have no idea! But there was no doubt that that rock had to be moved!

This rock was so heavy that I doubt I would have been able to turn it on my own.

This massive rock had to be turned over!

However, children often approach tasks with an I-can-do-attitude that results in them being able to achieve things far beyond what adults envisage them doing.

So, yesterday, I managed to stop myself from saying, "That's too heavy to lift. You won't be able to do it!" and then sat back and watched their attempts.

They tried levering the rock with a stick

They tried levering it with a stick.
They tried jumping on the rock

Jumping on it.

They tried pushig and pulling the rock
Pushing and pulling it.

They tried team work: I'll lever - you lift.

What I admired about them the most was their 'stick-ability'. They didn't give up. If something didn't work, they tried a different angle.

They tried digging under one end

Eventually, it was time for a little intervention in the form of another suggestion (e.g., Have you thought of digging the sand out from under this end?).

With a humungous effort (and a little help from Mum), the stone was turned over and rearranged.

Sitting on top of the world ... er ... rock

The boys promptly sat on the rock which seemed to be their way of claiming victory over it! (Okay ... we won't mention the push and shove that happened afterwards as they both tried to claim the rock individually! Let's just say, we've still got a lot to learn!)

The boys were so happy with their achievement and I was honoured to be a witness of it.

I'm so thankful that I didn't step in at the beginning to offer explanations of why I thought the task they had chosen was an impossibility! I'm so glad I moved back and didn't impose my thoughts on the boys but let them experiment on their own.

I'm sure the boys learnt so much more by getting in there and trying to solve the problem themselves than if I'd sat down and explained things with a multitude of words and lengthy reasons.

It's true. Children can do the impossilbe if we just give them room to try!

What has your child done recently that has surprised you? I'd love to hear of your adventures. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

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