Do Children Belong in Trees?

Do children belong in trees?

Children Belong in Trees

For many parents, this question can raise some very emotionally charged answers. There is no correct answer that will apply to all families everywhere as all families and children are uniquely different.

It's true that climbing trees is potentially dangerous (as are so many things in life such as crossing the street) but there are some definite benefits to be gained.

For example, when children climb trees, they:

  • learn about risks and how to manage them
  • engage and extend physical skills
  • participate in social interactions (what's better than talking with others while perched securely on a branch, nestled among the leaves?)
  • experience a unique perspective so they see the world from a different angle
  • engage in a strong connection with nature (which in turn reduces stress levels)
  • exercise heightened awareness and focus
  • implement judgement and self-restraint
  • gain greater self-awareness, spatial awareness and self-esteem.

Having said all that, each child is different, with unique skills and needs. It goes without saying that a toddler probably doesn't have the skills and abilities needed to climb a tree.

But for those children who can be supported to climb a tree, it's definitely a worthwhile experience.

Now all I need is a tree that is easy enough for me to climb so I can sit up there with my little monkeys ... I mean ... boys! Who said climbing trees must be limited to children?!!!

What do you think? Do children belong in trees? Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

In the meantime, if you're not busy climbing trees, have a look at our books. There's no risk involved in reading! :o

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