Charlotte’s Web: Meet the Characters

Here's a learning activity for children to participate in once they've read Charlotte's Web.

Drawing the Characters

The Aim of this Activity Based On Charlotte's Web

... is for children to identify the main characters in the story and match up relevant statements.

To Prepare the Activity:

1. Download and print out the pdf containing the free story extension activity for Charlotte's Web: Log-in to access printables
. It contains three A4 sized sheets.

2. Paste or glue the first two pages together so that they make one page.

3. Cut out the individual statements contained in the table on page 3.

Drawing the Characters
Your child can then:

  • Draw a picture of each character. Encourage them to add features specific to each character (e.g., sharp teeth for Templeton, eight legs for Charlotte, etc.)
  • Read (with help as necessary) each of the statements. Work out which statement applies to which character and then paste the statement in the appropriate box.

The Benefits Of This Charlotte's Web Activity

The Completed Project
During this activity, your child will engage:

  • fine motor skills (small muscles) used to draw
  • creativity to design and draw pictures
  • cognitive (intellectual) abilities to work out how to draw the characters - which shapes and lines to use - as well as to match the correct statements with the different story characters and
  • memory recall used to remember details about story and characters.

We hope you enjoy this activity.

We did this activity some weeks after we'd finished reading Charlotte's Web. It was encouraging to see how much the boys remembered of the story. They even asked if we could loan Charlotte's Web from the library again and re-read it. When children make such requests, you can rest assured that they really did enjoy the story.

Have fun completing this activity for Charlotte's Web with your child.

Free Printable: Story Extension Activity for Charlotte's Web

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