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Sight word games

Sight Word Activity: Construction

Sight Word ConstructionIt’s time to get out a construction set of some sort in order to play Sight Word Construction. The aim of the Sight Word Construction is for children to collect one piece of the construction set each time they read one of the sight word cards correctly.

Sight Words with Road, Cars and Crazy Houses

Sight Word With Roads, Cars and BlocksHere’s a fun way to play with sight words. It involves sight words, roads on the floor, cars and crazy houses. There are also free PDFs you can download of the crazy houses.

Pebble Sight Words Game

Pebble Sight WordsToday we tried a new game which focuses on sight words which we called the Pebble Sight Words Game. The aim of the game is for each player to engage in reading while playing a game in which he/she places all of his pebbles on the sight words.

Sight Word Buttons – a Game

Sight Word Buttons GameThis sight words game uses brightly coloured buttons. The aim is to place buttons from your pile on top of each sight word as it is called out. The different sizes and shapes of the buttons make them irresistible to children … and any adults who wants to join in the fun.

Magic Words

Magic WordsMagic Words is a term we coined to label words which contain other words within them. The term seems to grab children’s imagination as they enjoy looking for words which contain hidden surprises (e.g. other words).

Sand Sight Words

Sight Words in the SandWho said that learning must be restricted to the classroom or to pen and paper? In reality, children are learning all the time – not just when they are at formal lessons. Sand sight words involves taking the learning outside of the classroom.

Fly Swat Sight Words

The Fly Swat Sight Words GameFly swat sight words is one of our all time favourite sight word games. It’s a heap of fun. A word of warning: This is not a quiet game!

Sight Word Animals

Sight Word AnimalsThe aim of this game is for children to locate and read different sight words and place a toy animal on top of it. This game involves physical movement as well as reading.

Sight Word Twister

Sight Word TwisterSight Word Twister gets children actively involved as they reach, stretch and twist to touch the word cards on the floor. This physical movement aids in the development of connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In other words, it’s great for the brain as well as providing heaps of fun.

How To Make A Sight Word Dice

How to make a sight word diceThere are many games you can do with sight words which involve using a sight word dice. At first, trying to make a dice may seem a little daunting. However, we have a tried and true method that is so easy. Just head to your child’s wooden block collection.