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Arduino Workshop

Arduino Workshop

We’re about to launch into the world of arduino, exploring and experimenting with electronics. To start with, we’re going to use the …

Lego domino challenge

Lego Domino Challenge

Lego Domino Challenge plays with maths and science to create a chain reaction. Read how to make you’re own Lego Domino Challenge.

Floating Eggs

Science Magic: Floating Eggs
Floating eggs is an experiment that demonstrates how density works. Floating eggs is an easy and safe experiment to set up and do.

The Unbreakable Egg

The Unbreakable Egg!
Here’s an egg experiment for you to try which will prove you can’t break an egg by squeezing it! The unbreakable egg is amazing and easy to do!

How Strong Are Eggshells?

How Strong Are Eggshells?Here’s an amazing egg experiment to answer the question … how strong are eggshells? You’ll be surprised! An easy and fun experiment with a cracking end!