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11 Great Reasons for Climbing Trees

Children belong in treesThere are 11 great reasons why children should be out climbing trees. Climbing trees strengthens numerous essential skills … and it’s heaps of fun!

Children are the curriculum

Children are the curriculum Children are amazing! They have an inbuilt desire to learn. In fact, if we trust our children, they create the curriculum themselves!

Nature Nurtures Children’s Reading Skills

Nurture children's reading skills: explore nature!It’s true: nature nurtures children’s reading skills. I can hear you asking, how? What am I raving on about? The answer lies in the fact that when children are exploring nature, they refine and strengthen skills which are needed for reading.

Reading is a Skill

Reading is a skillReading is a skill children consciously learn and not something they magically pick up. Children need 3 things in order to read: time, support, opportunity.

Walking on the Fence

Walking on the FenceWalking on the fence is part of childhood. This simple activity has so many benefits for children, including physical and emotional growth.