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Children Need Space

Children Need Space
Children need space to make discoveries on their own even when we know that something they are trying to do is probably not going to work …

What is Visual Discrimination?

What Is Visual Discrimination?Visual discrimination is the ability to visually detect differences in variables (e.g., shape, pattern, colour) & is an essential skill needed for reading.

Rephrasing Statements Positively

Rephrasing Statements PositivelyRephrasing statements positively, has worked a treat in our house.

Rephrasing statements positively is about working with a child to achieve the desired outcomes. This often eliminates stress for children & parents.

I’ve often found that there are plenty of opportunities in life to say ‘no’ to my children each day. Does this sound familiar in your home?

Tips For Using Real Tools With Children

Using Real Tools with Children
I confess that when it comes to using real tools with children, my first thoughts are always about the horrible things that could go wrong. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that for so many years I’ve been striving to keep my boys safe and away from dangerous situations.

“Arming” children with potentially harmful tools seems to go against the grain.

However, it’s all about perspective. The truth is children benefit enormously by using real tools and , with plenty of supervision, they can use tools safely.

Benefits of Playing Board Games

Benefits of Playing Board Games The benefits of playing board games are immense! Why? Simply because children learn best when they’re having fun.

All sorts of skills can be enhanced by playing board games. Social skills are especially strengthened.

Yes, you may!

Yes, you may
Have you ever noticed that it’s much easier to say “no” at times than “Yes, you may”? Today I was reminded of this and how empowering the words “Yes, you may” really are.

We were busy making rainbow cupcakes (which turned out deliciously well, by the way), when the boys engaged in one of their all-time-favourite activities – messy cooking.