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Audiobooks are fantastic literacy tools!

Amazing Advantages of Audiobooks

Audiobooks are Fantastic Literacy Tools We’ve discovered we LOVE audiobooks! Want to know why? Read on … Recently, our family went on …

7 Benefits of Repeated Reading

7 Benefits of Repeated Reading

Repeated Reading – or Re-Reading Stories – Is an Essential Learning Tool At first, it may seem that re-reading something you’ve already …

Hammock Reading Nook

Hammock Reading Nook

Reading outside is a “summer-must-do”! Creating a hammock reading nook makes the outdoor reading experience even better. There’s something magical about spreading …

Children need time to feel the ebb and flow of nature

Children Need Time in Nature

This week I had the honour of witnessing something precious … my son experiencing nature in all its simplicity and power. We …

Do Children Belong in Trees?

Children Belong in TreesDo children belong in trees? Tree climbing is potentially dangerous! However, before you answer, have a look at all the benefits tree climbing offers …

Make Reading Irresistible

Make Reading IrresistibleMake reading irresistible for your children by following these simple, quick, inexpensive and easy steps.

Child Initiated Learning Is The Best

Child initiated learning is the best!When children initiate the activities, the learning which occurs is fantastic! Children are more attentive, focused, engaged and motivated! They have fun!