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Make A Spider’s Web

Making A Spider's WebDo you have a spare ball of wool? If so, you have all the makings of terrific activity that is thoroughly going to be enjoyed by your eager beaver. Recently, the boys were given a ball of wool each and the freedom to make a spider’s web in their bedroom. This kept them creatively busy for a very long period of time as they engaged many different skills.

Mud Pies for Hens

Mud Pies for HensThis adventure started with a new note on the door. The hens needed our help! There was no time to waste! (In case you’re wondering, we don’t really have any hens – although it would be great if we did! This activity was designed as an extension activity for the story we’ve been reading, “Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake.”)

A Cloud Dough Igloo

How To Make An Igloo Out of Cloud DoughCan An Igloo Be Created Out of Cloud Dough? This is the question our 6 yr old asked recently. So we decided to find out. I was amazed that cloud dough can actually be shaped into building blocks and built with. Who knew that flour and a bit of oil could be so versatile and used by young children and those who are a bit older?

Cloud Dough

Exploding BagsCloud Dough is a wonderful messy play material which is light and fluffy (sort of what you’d imagine clouds to feel like). However, it also can be squashed together so it can be sculptured into various shapes. It makes the best sandcastles ever!

Magic Play Dough

Never Fails Play Dough RecipeHere’s a twist on play dough that children love. It’s called Magic Play Dough because it changes colour when the children first begin to play with it. It starts our white and then changes. It’s easy to make. Here’s how to do it.

Never Fails Play Dough Recipe

Never Fails Play Dough RecipeOver the years, I’ve often been asked for a play dough recipe. Not just a recipe for any play dough, but for the type that is soft and absolutely irresistible. It’s the sort of dough that you just have to touch and mould and squeeze. Here’s a recipe that I’ve always found to work … and it’s really easy

Erupting Volcanoes

Erupting VolcanoesHere’s how to create the world’s best erupting volcanoes using simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. This activity explores science principles (involving chemical reactions) and is heaps of fun to do.