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Making Maths Meaningful

Making Maths MeaningfulMaking maths meaningful and fun can be as simple as heading outside with a measuring tape and chalk.

Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo Board Game

Aunt Lou's Board Game
If you’re looking for a new maths game to play with your children, try Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo Board Game which you can print for FREE.

Reading Outside The Book

Reading Outside the BookWhen it comes to teaching children to read, we need to think of reading outside the book.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE books … especially really well crafted children’s books. In fact, I cherish going to the library in the hope that I’ll find another treasure to devour with my boys. When the boys grow older and are no longer drawn to picture books, I’m sure you’ll still find me lurking in the children’s book section! What can I say, I love picture books!

However, reading is more than ‘books’ alone.

Extension Activities for Fly

Extension Activities for Fly
Here are some extension activities for Fly … as in Fly from the story “It’s A Bad Day To Be A Fly!”

These extenstion activites have been designed to help your child gain the most out of his/her reading experience with this story. The extension activities include art, maths and language experiences and provide plenty of variety for hours of enjoyment.

Measure that Treasure

Measure That TreasureMeasure That Treasure is a treasure hunt game in which children need to locate and measure different items within the environment.
The objective is to locate, measure and record one item for each measurement on the Measure That Treasure Record Sheet, which you’re welcome to download.

Twelve Up Dice Game

Twelve Up Dice GameThe Twelve Up Dice Game is a game for children, and adults, which is heaps of fun to play. It focuses strongly on addition and is a wonderful way to strengthen maths skills. We love playing this game. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve played it because we’ve played so frequently. Enough rambling! Here’s how to play …

Race Track Additions

Race Track Additions
Race Track Additions is a non-competitive game which is easy to set up and is great for encouraging children to use addition.

It uses materials you have at home, is inexpensive and a fun way to engage children in maths! What more could we ask for? Enjoy!

How Many Eggs?

How Many Eggs?
“How Many Eggs?” is a dice game based on the story, “Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake”.

In the story, Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake, Sneaky Snake slithers into the hen house at night and gobbles eggs silently.

The next day, the hens lay more eggs.

This is an arrangement Sneaky Snake is happy with however the hens are of a different opinion and take matters into their own hands … I mean … becks!

Anyway, back to the game … this dice game reinforces the maths skills of addition and subtraction.