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Using Venn Diagrams with Books

Using Venn Diagrams with Books
Using Venn Diagrams with books allows children to make comparisions between story characters, or between the book and film versions of the same story.

Make An Acrostic Book

Make an acrostic book based on your child's nameHere’s how to make an acrostic book based on your child’s name. This is a fun way to use art, writing & maths and boosts your child’s self-esteem.

Doodling with Kids

Doodling with kids
Doodling with kids is a great art project which promotes both language & fine motor skills, creativity & problem solving. Easy to set up. Relaxing to do.

Sight Word Car Race

Sight Word Car RaceSight Word Car Race is a non-competitive game which is great for learning sight words. Easy to set up and fun to play. Uses materials from around your home.

Sight Words Block Game

Sight Words Block GameThe Sight Words Block Game gets children up and moving while they’re learning to read sight words. Heaps of fun. Easy to prepare. Effective!

Mouse House Sight Words

Mouse House Sight WordsMouse House Sight Words is another really simple game to set up but one which gets children both reading sight words and moving! And it’s fun! Here’s how to do it.

Make Reading Irresistible

Make Reading IrresistibleMake reading irresistible for your children by following these simple, quick, inexpensive and easy steps.

Platypus Facts

Platypus FactsHave you seen our new book about a plucky platypus? Here are some facts about real platypus … some of which are included in our story.