Cardboard Box Roads

We've been building cardboard box roads.

Cardboard Box Roads

Normally, we just flatten the box and open it out as flat as possible. The boys are then armed with pens and set free to create a city on the cardboard by drawing roads and shops, etc., on it.

However, this time, we took a different approach.

Instead of drawing the roads on the box, we cut out strips which we could join together with tape to form roads.

Blocks were added for two purposes.

  • Firstly, they were turned into houses and buildings with the addition of paper to draw on.
  • Cardboard Box Roads
    Cardboard Box Roads

  • Secondly, the blocks were used to elevate some of the road sections. This enabled ramps to be built as well as a bridge.
  • Cardboard Box Roads

A pond was added by using a blue pillow case. Of course, some creatures were needed for the pond which meant out came the plastic marine animals.
Cardboard Box Roads

The plastic animals had to make room for a swimmer in the pond.
Cardboard Box Roads

The bridge provided a good challenge. How could we make the road stay up and support trucks which would be driven on the road?

Cardboard Box Roads

The answer lay in a long thin block placed under the road.

Cardboard Box Roads

I love the way the boys wanted to add signs to their road way as well. This was a great opportunity to write for a purpose!

This roadway was pulled apart the next day and then reassembled in a different format.

We certainly got our values worth out of that cardboard box!

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