Camping in the backyard

We've been camping! Actually, perhaps I should clarify that ... we've been camping in the backyard!
It was so much fun!!!

What I really liked about camping in the backyard was how easy it was.

No planning. No preparing. No packing.

If we needed something, it was as simple as opening up the house door and getting it. Now that's camping!

I adore the closeness camping brings as we all snuggle up together at night and create stories in torch light.

Need a reading nook? Try a tent!

One of the things that really made me laugh happened when we were setting up the tent. Everyone was asked to go and get what they needed and shift it into the tent. Both boys returned with arm loads of books which they promptly sat down and read. No pillows. No blankets. No bedding. Just books!

So if you're needing a new reading nook, try a tent in the backyard. It's a magical place to read!

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