Bump Word Game

My sincere thanks to This Reading Mama for introducing us to the Bump Word Game. My boys truly enjoyed this game as they bumped each other's words off the board. Such fun!

Bump Word Game

We changed the game slightly by using the whiteboard instead of printing out a game board. This worked well for us as we were playing with three boys at the time.

The Objective of the Bump Word Game

... is for players to fill as many of the game board rectangles with words from their word list. The player with the most words still displayed at the end of the game is declared to be the winner.

Materials Needed for the Bump Word Game

  • 1 to 3 dice. (Using more dice increases the challenge and the length of the game. The challenge is increased as children need to add the numbers on the dice. The length is increased because there are more boxes to fill in).
  • A whiteboard
  • A different coloured whiteboard marker for each player
  • A word list for each player. These can be made up to suit each individual player so that they are appropriate for their individual abilities. In other words, each player has their own list of words which they are learning to spell. The word lists don't have to be the same.

This is the marvellous aspect about this game as it means that children of different ages and abilities are able to play together and learn their individual spelling lists at the same time.

Preparations for the Bump Word Game

Draw and number rectangles on the whiteboard. (Alternatively, draw them on paper and laminate the sheet so the words can by written with white board markers and then erased).

Bump Word Game

We used 3 dice which meant we needed 16 rectangles drawn on the board, each labelled with one number from 3 to 18 inclusive. I realise that our game board wasn't excellent 'pretty' with neatly drawn rectangles, but it was functional. Let's just say it was drawn with love ... was handmade ... had character! :o

If you use 2 dice, you'll need 11 rectangles numbered from 2 to 12 inclusive.

If you use 1 dice, use 6 rectangles numbered 1 to 6 inclusive.

How To Play The Bump Word Game

Player One rolls the dice and writes the first word from his/her spelling list in the appropriate box on the whiteboard. For example, if a 6 is rolled on the dice, the word is written in the box labelled with the number 6.

Players write words from their word lists in the boxes

If the box already has another player's word in it, that word is bumped off the board (i.e., erased) and the new word written in.

If the box already contains the player's own word, the word is not erased and the next player takes a turn to roll the dice.

Once all the boxes have been filled in, each player counts up how many of their words are displayed on the board. The winner is the player with the most words remaining on the board.

The Bump Word Game is a great way to encourage children to read, write and spell. It also fosters social skills as children play together, taking turns, and additions skills (when 2 or more dice are used). But more than that, it's fun!

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