Bubble Dough

When I read about bubble dough over at Creative Play House, I knew we had to try it for a couple of reasons.

Bubble Dough
Firstly, because we've been experimenting with making different types of slime. Secondly, because it involved mixing and making a mess (both of which my boys love doing).

Bubble Dough is made of three ingredients:

  • hand soap
  • cornflour
  • food colouring

The result is a silky dough which acts like slime. It stretches when pulled and breaks when it encounters force. It is also mouldable.

To make bubble dough, we:

    Add liquid hand soap

  • added hand soap
  • Add food colouring
    Add food colouring

  • mixed in food colouring. I love the mixture created by combining hand soap and food colour!
  • Add cornflour

  • blended in cornflour.

Mix and experiment

We experimented a lot - adding more cornflour & soap. The boys loved this creative process and spent ages adding to their mixtures.
Time to play

Then it was time to get hands messy, stretchy, moulding and exploring.

The resulting dough was so much fun! We did find that it dried out much quicker than normal playdough. However, that just allowed us to add a bit more soap or even some water.

Was this a worthwhile activity, one we'll be repeating again? Definitely, yes!

I love the way the boys could mix and make, experiment and explore.
Making bubble dough fly

Ooops ... I nearly forgot to mention ... the boys found that if they plugged up an empty bottle with some bubble dough and then squeezed it hard, the bubble dough went flying. How they came up with this idea, I've no idea. But that's the joy of experimenting and exploring.
The Benefits of Messy Play

One more thing ... we saved the bubble dough and used it again the next day. Later we recycled the bubble dough to make slime. Now that was fun! But that's another post.

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